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Christina Mendoza & Associates, LLC based in San Antonio, TX, is a proud part of the ever-growing InVida Financial Network team. We believe that when you find others with the same passion for helping, you inevitably become a family. We are honored to be a part of such a great group of people. Our focus lies mainly in helping clients to choose the best financial services, life insurance, and health insurance for their specific circumstances. If you aren’t sure what coverage you have or how much you need, Christina Mendoza & Associates can lead the way. We’re happy to offer our expertise in short-term medical, critical illness, accident plans, dental benefits, vision benefits, medicare supplement.

Protect Your Legacy With Christina Mendoza 

My name is Christina Mendoza, and I am dedicated to helping you build and protect your legacy. Born and raised in Laredo, TX, I grew up with an emphasis on the importance of family. With over 13 years in the industry, I have maintained one ceaseless goal: protect families and help them create a legacy for those they care about most!    

Meet Our Team

Christina Mendoza

When I was young, I knew I someday wanted to be my own boss and make a difference in people’s lives in my own way. I haven’t always loved insurance. Let’s be real—no one grows up thinking, “I want to be an insurance agent when I grow up”. One day I received a postcard in the mail with information about selling health and life insurance. I realized how many families were exposed financially without proper protection and coverage. This one postcard showed me the life-changing opportunity of being able to help people maintain stability in the face of unexpected death, retirement, and unexpected illness. This completely changed my outlook on insurance, so much so it became my livelihood. I feel fulfilled knowing that if someone has a comprehensive life insurance plan, even if they pass away unexpectedly, their family can continue their lifestyle without unnecessary burden.
Taryn Meyer
Licensed Insurance Agent
Andy Gonzalez
Licensed Insurance Agent
Bertha Cordova  
Licensed Insurance Agent
Alberto Lee 
Licensed Insurance Agent
Dr. Lauren Denkins
Licensed Insurance Agent
Colleen O. Shade
Licensed Insurance Agent
Henry Howe
Licensed Insurance Agent

Don’t Delay—Get Life Insurance

Is there someone in your life who depends on you? If so, you NEED life insurance. There is nothing harder than mourning for a loved one and having to deal with unresolved financial issues. Reach out to Christina Mendoza & Associates by phone for help getting the coverage you need and deserve. If this information resonates with you and are interested in joining our team, send us a message or call us—we’d love to hear from you!

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