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40% of the American population has no life insurance; if something were to happen to the family breadwinner, 7 out of 10 families would have trouble meeting daily expenses and monthly bills. 4 of those 7 would have immediate trouble paying for bills. Christina Mendoza & Associates can help you tackle all the ins and outs of choosing a life insurance plan. Whether you are approaching retirement age and want to be prepared for the unexpected or you’re searching for non-medical life insurance, we’ll guide you with steady hands.

Meeting Your Life Insurance Needs

Having a life insurance with living benefits works as insurance to insure your retirement savings. If something does happen, having living benefits allows you to use the funds available to you without having to dip into retirement funds. Retirement funds are meant for retirement.  Your retirement should not be compromised because you have an injury or develop an illness.  

No two people are the same, and likewise, every individual needs something different out of their life insurance plan. Our team at Christina Mendoza & Associates will sit down and discuss what it is you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure, that’s okay, too! We will educate you on the possibilities and help you to discover exactly what your life insurance needs and goals are. We love and find fulfillment in helping families acquire proper protection and coverage.

Recovering After Catastrophe

Life insurance does more than replace income if a loved one dies. Life insurance now provides access to funds before death in the event of a major event. If a person has a heart attack, stroke, critical injury, or develops a terminal illness the new kind of life insurance can be used to cover medical bills, deductibles not covered by health insurance, experimental treatments, or just to pay monthly bills and cover expenses if working is not an option during this trying time. The majority of people who have life insurance through work do not have this kind of flexibility in the case of a financial catastrophe.

Most of life’s devastating tragedies are completely unexpected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare now. Based on your unique lifestyle and history, our team will work together alongside you to find out the most important aspects you might need coverage for in the event of an unexpected death or illness. Don’t let debts like mortgages and education costs weigh down your family when you’re gone.

We can help you protect what’s important to you by finding a life insurance plan to cover final expenses, income replacement, and more. During an unexpected catastrophe, insurance can help relieve the financial burden on families. If you’ve been injured or diagnosed with an illness, insurance can cover monthly bills while you focus on recovery and being present for your loved ones.

Licensed Life Insurance Agents

Give our team of experienced and licensed life insurance agents a call now to discuss your plans, fears, and questions during a no-obligation consultation. Christina Mendoza & Associates looks forward to helping you get the coverage you and your family deserve.


“Hi, I would like to tell you about my experience with a lady that my friends told me about…One day when to visit them, we were talking about Medicare. They asked me how's it was going, I told them I didn't know too much about it. They said don't worry, we know this Lady that can help you. She help[ed] us and we are so happy with the outcome. Well I called her, set appointment with her. She came to my house. She was very nice, I had a good feeling about her. She help[ed] me and answer[ed] all my questions. The Lady I'm talking about is Christina Mendoza. She's an angel that come from heaven. Thank you Christina for all your help God bless you and take care.”

- Sincerely yours, Sylvia P

“We have had Christina Mendoza as our agent for our insurance with Medicare complete for the last seven years. She has gone above  all our expectations in her expertise, her willingness to help, and to update as  new advantages are added to the program. We highly recommend her as your agent if you have Medicare complete. She has given us nothing but good advice, and has gone above and beyond and especially even coming to our home to Explain in detail all the questions that we have for her. Sometimes we’ve had to ask several times because we forget and she is always patient and kind. We have recommended her to several of our friends and they all have been very happy that we did so because she has given them the same wonderful service and attention that she gave us.”

- Sylvia and Mason W