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Licensed Health Insurance Assistance in San Antonio, TX

Christina Mendoza & Associates is a friendly neighborhood insurance agency in San Antonio, TX. Our biggest goal through the last decade-plus of health insurance work has been to show our clients how to build a legacy. Change the narrative for your family and sculpt a better future for your grandkids, and even their grandkids.  

Full-Service Help on Selecting Health Insurance

Health insurance can be confusing, but when you choose Christina Mendoza & Associates, we can help. We provide the most thorough service possible to each client, ensuring they feel confident in their decisions and future. Based on your specific needs, we can search the top companies and help you enroll in the best health insurance policy possible. 

 Most people think insurance costs five times more than it actually does. A call to Christina Mendoza & Associates can bring you the true costs, as well as tips on life, health, and finances! New to the world of health insurance? Let us aid you during the application process or even assist you in finding a primary care physician.  

Medicare: Parts A and B

We offer education and assistance with an overview of Medicare Parts A and B. We review and educate you on what is covered, and just as importantly, what is not covered, under Original Medicare. Our years of experience with social security and the Medicare process are what have helped hundreds of families make the right choice for their Medicare coverage. We can help you understand Medicare Supplement plans and Prescription plan options, as well as Medicare Advantage plans and what is best suited for you. We offer an extensive review of your current doctors, specialists, prescriptions and make sure you get the most comprehensive coverage for your needs.

We’re redefining insurance because we believe you were meant to live a rich and fruitful life. We’d love to help and serve you in all of your investing, retirement, and affordable insurance needs!

Let's Discuss Your Options

Plan for the unexpected and live the life you desire. You don’t have to do it alone. We will guide you through Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare processes with expert care. Call now for a no-obligation consultation!  


“I met with Christina at least 3 times, over 4-5 years. I appreciated her low pressure sales approach. She allowed me to make my own decision regarding my health care. I was so impressed with her, that when my doctors suggested it would be beneficial, to me, to move to an advantage plan, I remembered Christina, and called her, years after we last met. It was the best decision I made for my health. It actually saved my life.”

- David D

“Christina has been my agent and has helped me with my insurance needs since 2006 and has been extremely helpful and has made it so easy for me to understand and take full advantage of all the benefits of my insurance.”  

- Adriana G